KALDI PROPERTY MANAGEMENT offers a comprehensive real estate service, allowing you the peace of mind to go about your other professional and personal obligations.
Whether you own or rent a condominium or work for a syndicate of co-ownership, KALDI PROPERTY MANAGEMENT will help you take control of any situation, ordinary or uncommon.


Using our services means:
  • Reduced tasks for administrators;
  • Effective management of the condominium’s material and financial resources;
  • Continuity in condominium management;
  • Access to numerous resources;
  • A standardized system managing all documents, records, files, contracts and financial statements of the condominium;
  • A 24/7 emergency service;

We have the expertise and experience required to perform the job and with the support of our team, we conduct the following activities:


  • Collect and deposit the condo fees in the co-ownership accounts according to the shared percentages set in your declaration of co-ownership (assessed values of condominium units / distributive shares);
  • Issue checks to pay the bills;
  • Prepare bank reconciliations;
  • Manage different funds according to your declaration of co-ownership;
  • Provide a balance sheet on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, noting especially the account balance, accounts receivable and accounts payable;
  • Produce a report on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis allowing the board of directors to closely follow the financial changes of the condominium;
  • Offer advice to the board of directors or administrators with the aim of maximizing the return of the amount invested from the contingency funds;
  • Prepare and submit budget estimates and follow them up;
  • Have the condominium’s annual tax return prepared, as stipulated by the law;
  • Fill out the required annual declaration with the enterprise registrar of Quebec;


  • Provide word processing services for correspondence;
  • Keep your syndicate record up to date as well as co-owner information and files;
  • Keep the co-ownership files up to date;
  • Prepare any document required by the board of directors;
  • Provide personalized telephone services from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday to Friday;
  • File and store documents related to the condominium;
  • Store architectural blueprints, quotes and specifications of the building;
  • Prepare any paperwork required by the notary in drawing up formal documents at the time of sale of a condominium unit;


  • Organize and hold any meeting or general assembly;
  • Prepare the agenda for the board of directors meetings or the co-owners general meetings and send them to the syndicate within the given deadline;
  • Prepare meeting notices, proxy forms, ballot slips and attendance sheets; ;
  • Act as facilitator during co-owner meetings;
  • Take down the minutes of the board of directors meetings;
  • Keep a record of the minutes of the meetings and the regulations adopted;
  • Send any modifications to the building regulations to the co-owners;
  • Advise the administrators about managing the condominium;
  • Carry out and follow the decisions of the syndicate; ;


  • Ensure that a suitable concierge service is in place at all times, if necessary;
  • Grant concierge service contracts and/or supervise the personnel, as the case may be;
  • Ensure cleanliness of the premises, both inside and out, at all times;
  • Obtain bids and quotes for service contracts;
  • Prepare, negotiate and make sure that service contracts are honored;
  • Do or have repair work done while honoring the delegation of power specified by the board of directors in the contract;
  • Set up a building maintenance plan taking into account a reasonable structural reserve;
  • Monitor with a preventative maintenance system;

KALDI PROPERTY MANAGEMENT agrees not to benefit from any rebates or discounts from awarding contracts granted by its clients. The savings from the sales volume of our company are passed on directly to the syndicate.


  • Represent the syndicate for the owners (in the case of rented units) in order to make sure that condominium regulations are followed;
  • Promptly resolve any problem or litigation between co-owners;
  • Assist the syndicate of co-owners in interpreting the declaration of co-ownership in order to establish the respective responsibilities of both the syndicate and the co-owners;
  • Propose regulations to the board of directors that are useful to the condominium and have them adopted;
  • Follow up and take the necessary measures to ensure that condo fees are being collected from delinquent co-owners;
  • Generally ensure that the terms of the declaration of co-ownership are being honored by the co-owners;


Grouping together and organizing owners into a syndicate of co-ownership is an important step in taking charge of the condominiums of a building. If taken lightly or done in an uncoordinated way, this action of organizing can be a source of many problems or lead to the syndicate’s loss of its legally guaranteed rights and the guarantee plan for new residential buildings (APCHQ, ACQ, Master Builders, etc.). KALDI PROPERTY MANAGEMENT has the knowledge necessary to ensure that no detail is overlooked during the delicate and important process of starting up a syndicate of co-ownership.


  • Ensure that the appraisal report is kept up-to-date for insurance purposes;
  • Submit the compensation requests for the common areas to the insurance company in case of a claim;
  • Follow the claims files and allocations which involve the beneficiaries;
  • Draw up an administrative report within the monthly, quarterly or annual report, if necessary;


  • Make sure the declaration of co-ownership is being honored and monitored in the case of legal proceedings, if necessary;
  • Keep the syndicate’s insurance policy up-to-date;
  • Make sure that service contracts granted by administrators are being honored;
  • Put into place and manage a condominium maintenance program according to the agreed schedule;
  • Inspect the premises on a regular basis and make appropriate recommendations;
  • Ensure that parking regulations are followed;


The syndicate and the board of directors of the condominium can both benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a multidisciplinary team. This support can be a considerable asset when searching for solutions to decrease operating costs and improve quality of life for residents.


Emergencies happen at unexpected times, but our 24/7 emergency service is particularly effective. Anyone can reach us during open office hours or at any time via our emergency phone service. Our team is responsible for getting in touch with a competent contractor to carry out the required work.